PayPal Services

As registered PayPal Partner we developed different modules for an optimized payment processing and additional services regarding PayPal.

For users and interested parties we take over further development, integration and support for PayPal-relevant topics, as well as our modules PayPal installment payment and Paypal PLUS. Please contact us for an individual offer or contact our customer service.

PayPal installment plans

PayPal installment plans allow your customers to buy your products and pay in installments. No liability for you! PayPal processes the installment plan and you get paid immediately โ€“ with zero risk!

  • Installment plans from just EUR 300
  • Clear, transparent cost structure
  • Real-time customer verification
  • Absolutely free and unlimited

PayPal PLUS module

Grow your conversion rate with PayPal PLUS. Customers love no-fuss online payment for products, and our module lays the groundwork. Invoices, direct debit, credit card payments and third-party payment methods โ€“ all easier than ever before!

  • Available for Magento 2
  • Easy to integrate
  • Officially licensed by PayPal
  • Absolutely free and unlimited


Benefit from our entire range of services or create a tailored offer based on your needs. We are happy to develop an individual package for you.

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