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An innovative software developer based in Berlin, we are your partner for all the challenges you face in digitalizing your business. Driven by our passion for innovation, we can not only call on years of experience in the industry, but also a wide range of successful projects with prestigious clients. They include the development of a new marketplace for Generation Z and Generation Alpha. Implementation of new approaches for digital payment, and high-performance tech solutions. We offer our clients solutions that are tailored to their needs and that satisfy their requirements. We don’t just support our clients on this path – we blaze entirely new, improved trails that allow our clients to reach their goals.

About Us

Since our foundation in 2002, i-ways has been growing continuously and has established itself as an expert in the field of digitalisation. As a digital agency, we offer a wide range of knowledge and experience, which enables us to think globally and act locally – not least thanks to our well-coordinated, interdisciplinary team, which, with its different levels of experience and expertise, enables the optimal solution for every project.

Through our self-developed apps & tools, which have emerged in combination with the unique know-how of our employees from complex customer projects, we can bring innovative solutions on your path to digitalisation. In the past, we have already been able to bring many forward-looking projects to the day, so what’s next?

  • Developing and building a marketplace for Millenials: Catch by eBay
  • Development of an integrative interface for the connection of new marketplaces: Medion
  • Development and construction of a concept store for the connection of new marketplaces: Inspiration Store

Through our diversity of problem-solving, we develop focused, individual and sustainable digitisation and communication strategies for our clients: We don’t just realise your idea, we accompany it all the way.

We also place special emphasis on the interpersonal aspects and define our values as follows:

  • A focus on innovation and quality is the path to long-term success.
  • An open and honest environment brings out the best in people.
  • Open communication is the basis for solving problems.
  • Diversity of cultures and experiences is of greatest value.
  • Each person is unique and contributes something to what makes us special.
  • We can achieve our goals together when the WE comes before the ME.
  • Careful use of our earth’s resources is important.
  • Social commitment contributes a great deal to improving the world.


i-ways sales solutions GmbH – CERTIFICATE – EN – ISMS17


We recognise the norms and standards of the BSI IT Grundschutz.


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14167 Berlin

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