Digitalization: More than just a trend for us

For us, digitalization is the beginning of a new era that challenges, improves, and carries companies, people, and technology into the future. Digital transformation is on everyone's lips and does not spare commerce and the economy. To successfully digitize, retailers must face the following challenges:

They must find a good balance between stationary and online commerce, master order processing and logistics, offer each customer an individual, appealing, and positive sales experience, as well as link processes sensibly and make process adjustments.

Whether a start-up or an established company, we accompany you in your digital transformation of processes, corporate strategies, and IT infrastructure. We not only provide recommendations but also implement them in collaboration with you. Our years of experience make us the perfect sparring partner for our customers in every phase of their digital transformation.

How does i-ways help?

Onlineshops and B2B Webshops

Implementation and optimization of online shops and B2B webshops. Increase your sales via digital sales channels with us. Technologically, we serve all major platforms, such as Magento, Shopware or WooCommerce. Click here for more information about our e-commerce services.

External innovation partner

Do you want to realise potential and pursue innovative business paths? As an external innovation partner, we take on the conception, planning, implementation and scaling of your ideas and business models. Well-known clients have already placed their trust in us. Here you can find more information about our Innovation Lab.

Omnichannel solutions

Consulting, conception and implementation of omnichannel solutions for simultaneous sales on various online and offline channels. We connect your products to eBay, Amazon and the like for you and ensure that you can manage all your channels in one interface. Of course, we integrate your WaWi, PIM and CRM and enable automated customer communication.


Consulting, conception, development and operation of marketplaces. We optimise the listing of your articles for you, create professional shop and article templates. We support you in the technical development and operation and connect to your middleware.


Acting maximally economically with one platform: Our expertise in this area is based on years of experience in automating workflows that make companies successful. With digital business processes such as a unified coordination of supplier processes, efficient processing and organisation of customer orders or the provision of a possibility for direct communication with the merchandise management system, from the digitisation of the entire sales and purchasing process, we know our stuff. With i-ways, you optimise essential company processes for your customers, suppliers or employees and thus increase your profitability many times over. From consulting, conception, development and operation of your platforms – we help you!

Interfaces and automation

We develop interfaces between systems such as CRM, ERP, PIM etc. for the automation of processes or for any form of automatic data transfer and automated workflows. For our customers, this means being able to control processes centrally and to serve multiple channels in sales and purchasing. We would be happy to evaluate which interface technology is the right one for your project in a non-binding consultation. Read more about our interface tool “Omniconnect” here.

Analysis of your business

In the first step, we carry out an analysis at your offices. We talk to your employees, document current processes and break down your structures to determine the potential for optimization.

Recommendations for action

With the analysis complete, we develop ideas and offer you concrete action recommendations. The objective is to establish clear digital processes and structures and to define targets.

Technology & Service

Upon request, we are happy to work with you to implement our recommendations and train your staff. Company-wide training sessions serve to further increase acceptance for changes and new digital tools.

The road to your digital business

We offer you a comprehensive service package that we put together according to your individual needs for optimising digitalisation: for every phase of your company’s development, in every stage of the digitalisation of your project.

We actively support you in the conception, take over the project management and help you with the internationalisation.

To help you solve problems and realise ideas, we draw on our years of experience and in-depth know-how in the field of digital commerce. We combine this with the use and production of innovative software for the implementation and integration of all operational and business processes involved. We are happy to share our knowledge, especially because we believe that working together in partnership and transparency holds the key to success. Tell us what you are up to, what you want to change, improve and perfect and we will show you how to best achieve and scale your digital goals!


Become a digital pioneer too!

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