Omniconnect: Our hub for your digitalization

Omniconnect is a hub solution developed by i-ways for connecting and monitoring a wide range of systems. It allows you to connect and centrally manage ERP, PIM, payments, CMS and CRM using a single, multifunctional interface. With this you can create a multifunctional, scalable infrastructure for your company.

The cornerstone of your business processes

Omniconnect is the high-performance cornerstone of your infrastructure. And we have also developed an intuitive user interface for it. Omniconnect allows you to manage all of your business processes – efficiently, clearly and digitally.



Increase efficiency

The resulting increase in efficiency allows you to focus all your attention on your core business. The intuitive Omniconnect user interface and clearly structured menus, which you can customize as you like, make the program easy and simple to use every day.





  • Inventory management with detailed item specifications
  • Fully automated, strategic posting of items with launch scheduling
  • Automatic and manual reposting
  • Image management
  • Automated sales with selection and transfer of shipping and payment information
  • Automated cancellation and store credit processes; payment matching; printing of invoices, delivery notes and shipping lists
  • Automated submission of evaluations and automated email communication with customers
  • Import and export of data
  • Flexible data analysis

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