We are your partner for innovation

More complex times with changing markets and rapid changes promise to be the coming years as well. Innovative solutions are needed in order to remain competitive with one's own company and its strategy. A lack of time in everyday business often leaves little room for testing new ideas. Our i-ways Innovation Lab acts as an adaptive platform for the implementation of your innovation. An agile working method leads to very fast, measurable results. Take advantage of identified potential and secure a technological lead over the competition. Efficiently test new business models and sales channels together with us as your partner in development, technology and innovation management.
Step One
In the initial workshop, we will work with you to identify the unique challenges and requirements of the project. We will then use this information to develop an overall concept with a project outline. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to consider technical possibilities in this phase to guarantee maximum stability and peak performance.
Step Two
Design & Development
An agile approach enables rapid development of high-performance tailored software solutions. We use lean analytics to test the results from the user’s perspective and optimize the solution in short, rapid cycles. User-focused design ensures an optimal user experience.
Step Three
Now we integrate the solution into your business processes in stages. During this phase, we make sure everything goes smoothly and handle any further optimization that may be required.
Step Four
We are happy to take over online marketing for your product or help you tap into a new sales channel so that you get off to the perfect start.
Step Five
We support you as you grow and help to internationalize your digital business model. Our global partner network helps you quickly penetrate new markets for greater turnover and reach.
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