Catch by eBay

CATCH by eBay - a marketplace for millenials

Research, Development, Projectmanagement

The Mission

To reach a younger customer group through a platform that is particularly appealing with a fresh look and feel.

The Outcome – Creation of a lively platform that stands out with a particularly fresh look and feel, a special product selection and an inspiration-driven way of use.

The Impact

The project is a complete success for eBay and continuously delivers strongly growing sales figures.


  • Project Management
  • Development
  • Interface Development
  • Project Management
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Marketing
  • User research and multivariate A-B testing of brand,
  • Designs for optimal UX flow, and performance.


The international corporation eBay is present in 47 countries with a country-specific presence and offers products and goods worldwide through its more than 250 million members and partners. In Germany, there is the platform, based in Berlin, which attracts thousands of visitors every day, not only because of slogans like 3..2..1..meins. The goal of this project was now to build a platform that would specifically appeal to a younger target group (millennials) and thus a special market segment, although with the same, but curated product portfolio.

In view of the large number of upcoming product imports, the possibilities for filtering, sorting, building special interfaces, login variants and current queries / synchronization of data in real time, as well as the construction of the entire infrastructure as well as the front-end, the option of outsourcing turned out to be the most resource-efficient option for eBay.
We, i-ways sales solutions GmbH, can already look back on a large number of joint projects with eBay, and so the path was also short for this project and the decision was quickly made to tackle the CATCH project together.
The first version of the site could be published after only 4 weeks. Since then we have continuously accompanied the development of CATCH by taking over project management, development and marketing. Our contributions include user research and multivariate A/B testing of the brand, usability and design for optimal UX flow, as well as performance.
The project was a great success and continues to deliver strong revenue growth today.

"Marketplaces like eBay have to meet the needs of a very wide range of different types of buyers. We see our job as constantly reinventing shopping for these buyers. That's why we experiment with different user experiences, price categories and shopping formats in the interest of our sellers and their inventory."
Eben Sermon, Managing Director eBay Germany


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