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Do you want to sell professionally on eBay and optimize your shop? As a full-service-provider (FSP) we offer you the entire spectrum of sales services regarding the marketplace eBay and therefore are the perfect partner for you to reach your shop goals.

We advise you in detail and afterwards develop a targeted, individual sales strategy just for you. Starting with designing your eBay listings (eBay templates) to shipping and payment processing. We offer everything you need for successful sales on eBay.

Listing Services

Strategy Consulting


Our tools

Customers are looking for spontaneous, experience-oriented shopping, and they really value flexibility and optionality.
They no longer purchase on just one device. In recent years there has been a rise in sales figures from desktop PCs and laptops, tablets and smartphones. Use our tools to check and optimize the functionality of your web shop today. We have the right tool for every situation.

Template Creator

Design your own shop template with our Template Creator. It’s easy!

  • Create a professional layout for your eBay shop
  • Make changes without taking your shop offline
  • Responsive design for mobile and tablet
  • Absolutely free and unlimited

Bulk Checker

i-ways reviews your web shop for relevant factors that could impact your sales success. We look for ways to increase security, reduce display errors and ensure that your products comply with the eBay posting guidelines. You can use your i-ways report to update your online presence.

eBay Mobile Friendly Checker

Mobile commerce has increased rapidly in recent years and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Have you responded to this development by ensuring your shop is mobile responsive? Improve the customer journey by optimizing your website and boosting sales.


Listing Enhancer

With our Listing Enhancer, your product descriptions are automatically enhanced and optimized by using keywords. Improve your search ranking and increase customer satisfaction straight away!


Help Center

Do you have questions or comments, about our services, or would you like more details?

  • Find out more about our eBay products
  • Free, professional support
  • Check out our FAQs
  • Absolutely free and unlimited


Benefit from our entire range of services or create a tailored offer based on your needs. We are happy to develop an individual package for you.

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