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gebana - Online store optimization of sustainable food distribution

Projectmanagement, Development, Maintenance

The Mission

Optimization of an online store for better user experience.

The Outcome

Clean up and optimization of the online store for better loading times.

The Impact

By optimizing the online store, we were able to contribute to a smooth and user-centered process in the field of sustainable food distribution.


  • Project Management
  • Development
  • Maintenance


The Swiss company gebana AG distributes food (fruits & vegetables) from all over the world – sustainable, fair, and just. They stand up for the farming families who produce the food by, among other things, distributing a portion of the profits to them. The company stands for fair trade and sells organic produce only in their season/harvest time, so fruit can be pre-ordered to be delivered in season. The organic food is sold through the online store, which is also the main asset.

For a smooth user flow, fast loading times are necessary to make shopping as easy as possible and to optimize the user experience. gebana had a lot of problems with the setup that was in place until then, which did not make the store appear according to common standards. The webshop contained code that did not comply with the SOLID principle and thus entailed a high maintenance effort and was negatively affected by various bugs. These bugs in turn led to poor usability and damaged the smooth flow of an order.

We were commissioned to clean up the technical setup and optimize the webshop. A clean up of the code and optimization of the Magento system resulted in the elimination of bugs on the site. Adjustments to the servers helped improve loading times. For gebana, as well as for other web stores, the product detail pages and the shopping cart (= checkout flow) are very important, which is why they were constantly optimized with regard to loading times and other metrics.

We were able to significantly improve the loading times of the store, clean up the code and eliminate many bugs. Gebana found a partner in us who now regularly maintains and optimizes the store and implements further functions. In the further course, we were able to implement a checkout flow, for example, which is now even more user-friendly and faster.

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