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AdWunder makes it possible for your readers to buy products directly on your website without leaving it. Transform your website, your blog, or your online magazine into a marketplace which you and your readers can benefit from.
All you need are some simple clicks.

How does AdWunder work?

While looking for certain topics on the internet, readers will come to your website. Maybe they already read your website or blog regularly or their search brought them to your site.

No matter how they stumbled upon your site, your readers are valuable to you. So why should you work with affiliate marketing which leads your audience away from your site? Wouldn’t it be much better to keep the readers on your website and still allow them to buy the products you recommend?
That’s exactly what you can do with AdWunder!

Earn money with every purchase

You will earn a commission for every product sold.

Higher retention time

Enable your readers to buy products directly on your website. No redirecting to an external marketplace needed.

Higher conversion rates

Reach up to three times higher conversion rates compared to conventional advertisements.

AI algorithm for optimal product selection

Select specific items on your own or let our AI algorithm take over the product selection.

AdWunder offers advantages for you and your readers!

Love it? Buy it! It’s as easy as it sounds. Make the products you are recommending in your texts accessible with just some simple clicks. Your readers inform themselves by consuming your content and are then able to buy all the linked items easily in the AdWunder widget. There is no redirecting to other webshops needed and everything is happening on your website without your readers leaving.

You only need these three steps:

Install AdWunder

Install the AdWunder Plugin or insert the code.

If there are any problems in the process,
we are happy to help you!

Product selection

Select certain products or let our AI algorithm take over the product selection.

Ready to shop!

Your readers can buy products directly from your site now!

The whole buying process is happening via the widget. Payment, processing and shipping will be organized by us, there is no additional effort for you.

Revolutionize monetization now!

  • Offer your customers curated products from a database with over 150 million items.
  • Earn extra income and keep your readers on your website for a longer period of time.
    Monetize your content with just some simple clicks.
  • Without additional effort.

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